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POINT (57.383279 -20.31658)

• 18 hole championship Golf Course, PAR 72, spread over 36
• The course measures 6886 metres long from the             
professional tees
• Site and topography : Spectacular view on the Rempartthe imposing mountain range and Tamarina Bay
•  Wild environment, lush greens and wide fairways

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POINT (57.528692 -20.327744)

The group Saint Aubin, is now positioned as the leader in the diversity of the sugarcane industry in Mauritius. This operation has developed into a truly international company with a new opening to the Green Tourism, “The Tea Route”, already featured prominently in tourist brochures of the country.

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POINT (57.704935 -20.361882)

Once upon a time… La Vallée de Ferney

La Vallée de Ferney shelters one of the very last nature sanctuaries in the island.

It provides an unhoped-for safe haven to a great variety of indigenous species, many of which are rare or threatened.

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POINT (57.563689 -20.501367)

In the south of Mauritius, La Vanille Nature Park lies on 3.5 hectares of luxuriant vegetation where you can find geckos, macaques, deer, mongooses.

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POINT (57.404277 -20.29084)

Spreading over a surface of 250 hectares, Casela World of Adventures has successfully established itself as the leading attraction of the region for both locals and tourists. The park is home to 1500 birds, giant tortoises, Bengal tigers, cheetahs, white lions, lynxes, servals, hyenas, dromedary camels, pygmy hippos, white rhinos, giraffe and many more species.

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POINT (57.485178 -20.457594)

Since the 23-coloured earth was discovered on the 4th of July 1998, «La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park» has become a famous and unique attraction of the island, which fascinates Mauritians as well as foreigners.

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POINT (57.517787 -20.085775)

At the Maritim Hotel near Balaclava in the north, there is a nine-hole course with a par of 29, the longest hole of which is 340 metres. Mostly used as a brief diversion for hotel guests, the course is nevertheless charming and offers great views over the Indian Ocean.

POINT (57.689978 -20.318125)

The biggest natural and private reserve in Mauritius, rich in a fauna and a protected wild flora.

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POINT (57.574665 -20.097835)

Mauritius, with its know-how in sugarcane cultivation and cane sugar manufacture forged over more than three and a half centuries, has since 1978, through continuous innovation, developed 17 different types of special unrefined sugars, each “crafted” into valuable ingredients for both household and industrial usage. When it comes to Special Sugars, “Made in Mauritius” is a label of quality.

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POINT (57.777888 -20.286701)

Offering a remarkable view on the longest river of Mauritius, EvaZion lodge is located on the East coast in an estuary called ‘Deux Frères’. With a traditional Mauritian concept, EvaZion is the ideal place for those who would like to slow down and relax while enjoying the simple & peaceful life of islanders.

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POINT (57.407945 -20.503065)

A MULTI-AWARD WINNING CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE The Heritage Golf Club is a multi-award winning championship golf course located in the southern part of the beautiful island of Mauritius.

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