7. The 7-coloured earth of Chamarel

The 7-coloured earth of Chamarel

This world famous attraction is a unique volcanic geological phenomenon resulting in seven colours of earth swirled together to create a beautiful feature. Found in the stunning region of Chamarel, this is a treasure not to be missed.

Chamarel rises 283 meters above sea level and is reached by a panoramic route, which cuts through the luxurious tropical forest surrounding it. There are many places to stop to admire the exquisite view and take photos. One of these spots is an 83-metre high waterfall.

After visiting the 7-coloured earth, you can take a trip to the village to see the picturesque Church of St. Anne which was built in 1876 and is a sought after feature by visitors. This typical Mauritian village is well worth the detour for its family restaurants, and the drive back through the scenic Chamarel to Baie du Cap is magical.