CNN and Eurosport advertisement: A winning combination for Mauritius

Martedì, Luglio 12, 2016

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) commissioned CNN and Eurosport to launch a campaign to promote Mauritius during the months of May and June 2016 to attract visitors during low season. CNN campaign targeted Europe, Middle East Africa, Asia and South East Asia while Eurosport covered Europe. According to the report submitted by CNN an audience of 12,830,000 viewers saw the spot on an average of 3.1 times over the life of the campaign. Furthermore, it is mentioned that 75% of respondents said their perception of Mauritius tourism had improved after seeing the commercial. Respondents most agreed that the advertising on CNN enhanced Mauritius’s reputation and that it made them more aware of what it stands for.

Mauritius tourism marketing experts noticed a clear increase in awareness and an improved positive perception of Mauritius as a result of the CNN campaign. In Asia 1,552,771 people viewed the spot on an average 3.8 times. In South Asia 256,915 were reached on an average of 4.1 times. 83% of those questioned confirmed the spot had improved their perception of Mauritius and feel now more aware of the island nation.

Eurosport campaign included 160 20-second spots. 170 20-second spots were seen in Germany and 76 20-second spots on Eurosport 1 in France. Combined it was viewed as a huge success.

The overall impact is estimated at 86.5 million Euros. 42.5 million viewers were reached for the German speaking markets and France, 43.5 million viewers were reached for the Pan-European campaign, not including the German and French speaking viewers.