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Board Members

Composition of the board

Mr Vijaycoomarsingh Bhujohory

Chairperson MTPA

Mrs. Chand Rye Seewooruthun

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Tourism
Level 5, Air Mauritius Building
Port Louis

Mrs Vailamah Pareatumbee

Lead Analyst
Ministry of Finance & Economic Development
Government House
Port Louis

Mr Namasivayen Poonoosamy (Ken)

Managing Director    
Board of Investment    
10th floor, 1 Cathedral Square Building    
16 Jules Koenig Street    
Port Louis    

Mr Neezam Jeetoo

Southgate Island Tours
421, Royal Road

Mr Jocelyn Kwok

Chief Executive Officer
2nd floor, Medine Mews
La Chaussée Street
Port Louis

Mr. Arnaud Martin, CSK